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Ben Watkins

Ben Watkins

Ben Watkins is a Business Development Lead at Kinnek. He focuses on engaging manufacturers and distributors and helping them achieve their business goals through Kinnek. Ben previously worked at Yelp selling online advertising to small businesses. He earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of Kinnek you'll find following the hottest board game trends or whipping up a mean smoothie.

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Fermento: Faster Fermentation

Ben Watkins

Evidence of brewing dates back to the fifth millennium BC and, despite thousands of years of practice, we’re still improving on the process today. Craft brewers work with a wide variety of ingredients and experiment with different flavors, but what about the process itself? Last month, a team of University of Pennsylvania students took a closer look at fermentation in beer-making. Their goal is to make the process of fermentation faster. Their idea, Fermento, took home the big $10,000 prize at Penn’s recent Y-Prize Competition. Kinnek met with two of the winning team’s members, Siddharth Shah and Alexander David, to discover how their invention could impact brewing and what that means for craft brewers across the country. 

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