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Gautham Iyer

Gautham Iyer

As the Industry Expansion Lead for Kinnek, Gautham Iyer is excited to identify new opportunities for the marketplace. Prior to Kinnek, Gautham was a Case Team Leader at Bain and Company. Gautham also holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MA in Economics from Boston University.

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Inoculating Against Merger Fever

Gautham Iyer

How Smaller Businesses can Compete when Market Leaders Consolidate? In the same month that EMC and Dell discussed the largest tech merger in history, #2 pharmacy Walgreens declared its intent to buy #3 pharmacy Rite Aid, further consolidating another key consumer sector. And of course, this week, AB InBev reached a deal to acquire SABMiller for $107B, resulting in a global conglomerate with approximately $64B in revenues.

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