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The Kinnek Forecast: Natural Products Outlook

Gautham Iyer

This month, we met the nutritional supplements, food processing, and beverage production communities at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. 

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Topics: Kinnek, Food Production & Hospitality, Nutraceuticals & Supplements

Food Business Growth: 3 Steps to Success

Kinnek Community

Last week’s Food + Enterprise Summit in New York was a chance for the small business community to meet experienced investors and strategists to talk about food business growth.

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Topics: Food Production & Hospitality

Conveyor Belts: The Unsung Heroes of Production

Deeya Burman

Conveyor belts have become a necessary tool for a range of businesses. From food production to pharma, conveyors are the highways to the production process. However, this seemingly straightforward tool comes with it's own set of complexities...

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Topics: Kinnek, Food Production & Hospitality

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