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Trade Show Talk: Knowing Me, Knowing You...

Gautham Iyer

To kick off 2016, the Kinnek team has been meeting a variety of small business owners and suppliers at events across the country including the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, CiderCon and our Small Business Social in Portland and the Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Supply Show of the Southeast in Myrtle Beach.

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How (or Why) Kinnek Sources Smiles!

Ben Wilbur
Kinnek's emphasis on excellent customer service is an integral part of our business. Daily interaction with our user base not only helps provide valuable insights into how our business is doing but also contributes towards maintaining a loyal and happy customer community.

As an online purchasing platform that’s disrupting the existing marketplace Kinnek is in a unique - and new - position. That means many of the challenges our Customer Success Team seeks to overcome stem from a misconception of how we operate. Getting lots of custom quotes from suppliers, free of charge and with no long-winded communication or leg-work is a new thing for our customers.

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Conversations with Customers: Introducing... "Read Receipts"

Mansi Kothari

You’re probably already familiar with “read receipts” - many of your personal devices or social media apps already have this feature built in (think Apple or Facebook Messenger). It basically tells you when a recipient has actually opened and read your message. We’re excited to announce a similar update to our messaging platform on Kinnek

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