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Kinnek is Juiced about Cider

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Kinnek, the online marketplace revolutionizing purchasing for small- and medium-sized businesses is bringing its successful model to the fast-growing hard cider industry. Through our innovative platform, which pairs new and experienced cider makers with top-notch suppliers, we plan to make the purchasing process easier and more efficient while increasing purchasing choice for cider makers.

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Conversations with Customers: Introducing... "Read Receipts"

Mansi Kothari

You’re probably already familiar with “read receipts” - many of your personal devices or social media apps already have this feature built in (think Apple or Facebook Messenger). It basically tells you when a recipient has actually opened and read your message. We’re excited to announce a similar update to our messaging platform on Kinnek

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Democratizing B2B Sales

Karthik Sridharan

How Kinnek is leveling the playing field for all suppliers, regardless of their size.

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